It is important to dog-proof your home whether you have a brand new puppy or an adult dog of any age.
Regardless of age, dogs are typically curious and love to find new objects to play with or eat. As many dog owners can agree, dogs gravitate towards everything they aren’t supposed to have a lot of the time!
There are many stories out there of dogs getting into trouble. Some are humorous, and others grim.
There are actually many dangers that may put your dog at risk in your home.

This article will take you through each room in detail, but some general safety ideas are:
– Covers for electrical outlets and power strips
- Locks for cabinets in various rooms
– Special dog gates or baby gates to limit dog access
– Simply closing doors to rooms you don’t want your dog in
To make sure your best friend is safe and happy, check your home with the following points to make sure that everything is ready to go.

In The Kitchen
This goes for any room or area you may be eating in, but especially when you are preparing food, it is essential. There are certain foods that are dangerous to dogs and can cause major problems. Take special care to ensure that your dog does not get ahold of any of these foods. Both the food itself and any packaging should be kept clear from dogs in order to prevent any issues.

The same goes for trash cans and recycle bins. Dogs may be able to open and get into them, again possibly getting ahold of dangerous items. Consider using a lockable lid trash can or one that you can pull out as part of your cabinets.

Try to place any kinds of cleaners or chemical products on high areas if possible, and if not, consider applying latches onto cabinets that they are able to reach and potentially open.
Whether your laundry area is by your kitchen or elsewhere, make sure the soaps are out of reach and that your dog hasn’t gone inside of the machines before use.

Dog-Proof Your Home

Just like in the kitchen, major concerns are chemicals and cleaners. Again, make sure that containers of these substances are out of reach of your dog, and also keep the toilet bowl closed to prevent drinking and exposure to them.

Take special care with using and storing medications, making sure that none are left out and within your dog’s reach. Properly store them away when not in use.

In bedrooms, ensure that any cords for electronics are not within your dogs reach. Dogs do sometimes like to chew on cords and typically they are put on the ground.

Avoid storing anything like medications, cosmetics, small items, and lotions on any tables that your dog may be able to reach to be sure they won’t ingest it.

It is also important to keep clothes, shoes, and jewelry well out of reach as strings and any small parts (such as buttons) can be very dangerous if swallowed and also may cause choking.

Family and Living Rooms
Dog-Proof Your Home
This is another area where electronics cords are common. Make sure that any of the cords are not within your dog’s reach.

Be cautious that any valuables and delicate items are not able to be knocked over or eaten by your dog.
If there are also children, toys should be put away and out of reach of your dog. Small toys can easily become a choking hazard and potentially cause major health problems.

Also, some houseplants are actually poisonous to dogs. No matter the kind, it is good to keep all of them out of reach from your dog. However, special care should be taken with poisonous plants.

Garage & Porches
When it comes to garages and porches, it is essential to ensure that there are absolutely no sharp and hazardous objects that your dog may be able to hurt themselves on. This includes garden tools, outdoor machinery, and more.

If there are any spilled substances left on floors, clean them up before allowing your dog in the area. If there are any new spills, make sure to clean it up immediately and prevent your dog from having any contact.

Confirm that any containers or packages of harmful substances or chemicals are well outside of your dog’s reach on high shelving or a separate area.

The end goal is ultimately to keep both your dog and your possessions safe.

It may seem like a large task, but the results are very much worth it. Simply tackle it step by step to make sure that everything is the best for your furry friend.

Taking the time to dog-proof your home will be a great decision upon starting your journey with your new dog or improving your home for the dog you already have.

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